Application Letters

Application letter is a formal document written for several purposes such as job application letter, change in address application letter, scholarship application letter, leave application letter etc. Contents of application letter depends on its subject for example if you are writing job application letter then you have to provide additional information regarding your skills and experience. Application letter is widely used around the world because our lives invariably revolve around various applications and supplications. Even if you need to get birth certificate, death certificate, dues certificates etc you have to write an application to specific authority. Every person is required to draft formal application to concerned authorities to request for some approval, action, issue or registration etc.

Students also need to write different applications during the course of their studies. For example if they need leave, fee concession, scholarship and several other purposes a student has to write application to the administrator of institution. Application is a formal document so it should be drafted as per specific format. It should be concise and comprehensive because the long application letter can be ignored by reader. I suggest you to consult sample application letters before writing your desired application. Here I am sharing some sample application letters as pre your requirements. Feel free to consult them because these are free of any cost:

Accountant Application Letter

Bursary Application Letter

Change in Address Application Letter

College Application Letter

Credit Application Letter

Grant Application Letter

Internship Application Letter

Job Application Letter

Marriage Leave Application

Sample Scholarship Application Letter

Leave Application Letter