Authorization Letter Sample

Authorization is a written confirmation of someone’s rank, authority, or ability to enter into a legal contract. Authorization letter is written to designate someone to perform specific action, spend specific sum of money or to delegate one’s duties and powers to other persons. Authorization letter is an important part of formal or informal communication. You can use authorization letter for multiple purposes such as to grant authority or responsibility to someone. This letter is used in several domains such as insurance, medical, personal and business. Authorization letter should be tailored by following its specific format and for this purpose you can use authorization letter sample. Authorization letter sample assist you while drafting your own authorization letter because it provides you with guidelines about placement of every part of authorization letter such as date, name, address, body text, salutation etc.

Here I will also provide you with authorization letter sample for you assistance:

Authorization Letter Sample

“ABC Company Letterhead”

Month, Day, Year

ABC Department of State

Directorate of ABC Trade Controls

TY/MMDC SA-1, Room 2000

25000 E Streets, NW California, DC 20037

SUBJECT: Request for authorization to XYZ Company to file on behalf of the ABC Company for the (Insert the product name)

Dear Sir or Madam:

The (XYZ Company) is authorized to submit a (write name of request) request to the (Designation of authorized person) on behalf of the (ABC Company) for the following product (here you will write product name and write brief details of product such as hardware, software, types of services etc). (Here you will provide brief description of specific individuals at XYZ Company, you can write name of all persons who will be involved). (Here you will explain the nature of relationship between both companies ABC & XYZ, for example the ABC Company employed the XYZ Company to file this case on its behalf or, the ABC Company is a ancillary of the XYZ Company for joint production of the product or, the manufacturer has gone out of business for three years or, XYZ Company sells items prepared by ABC Company or, both Companies ABC and XYZ have special business relationships). (If your used form doesn’t include details of submitter or applicant then you can explain it in authorization letter by providing reason of whole process).

The ABC Company authorizes the release for general publication of the information contained in (write reference number of form such as Block 4 of the DS-7844 Form), as prepared and submitted by the XYZ Company (this release applies specifically to the DS-7844 form).

(Closing Statement,)

(Signature Line)

Your Name

Your Title

Telephone number and email

ABC Company

123 Streets

Town, State, Zip

(Contact information is important so that authorized person can contact the manufacturer directly, if necessary.)

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