Invitation Letters

Invitation letters are written to invite friends, relatives and associates on parties, seminars, bids etc. It is an official way to invite peers and clients to the event of organization. Invitation letters are used for both business as well as personal purposes. Invitation letters can be written on different subjects such as “Job Invitation letter, Party Invitation Letter, Seminar Invitation Letter, Wedding Invitation Letter etc”. Invitation letters are of two kinds such as personal invitation letters and formal invitation letters. Wedding Invitations, Birthday Party invitations are personal invitations meanwhile Seminar Invitations, Business Invitations are formal invitations. Both kinds of invitation letters are served the same purpose of an invitation card but invitation letters are more personalized and detailed. These letters provide you with an opportunity to put personalized statements and additional information which you can’t add on invitation card.

Like other formal letters, invitation letters also have their specific format. Writer of invitation letters is advised to put subject before main contents of letter so the reader will come to know why he is being invited to. Following are the basic features which should be mentioned clearly on letter:

You should also mention expected dress code for occasion. You have to include details that program would entail and if the party also include refreshment as lunch/dinner/cocktails etc, you should also mention it in clear words. Place additional information if any as it helps readers to come with better preparation of the occasion. You can extend the invitation to personal guests or family members. If you don’t have wished to receive any gifts, mention it in polite way. Before closing your letter, remember to include RSVP details as it will give you a fair idea about attendees of your party.

Sample invitation letters are best way to take an idea about invitation letter writing but it is difficult to find exact invitation letter as per you needs. In order to resolve this problem, I have designed some invitation letters and these are absolutely free of cost so you can easily use them as per your requirements.

Baby Shower Invitation Letter

Church Invitation Letter

Invitation Acceptance Letter

Invitation Letter for Dinner

Job Invitation Letter

Official Invitation Letter

Party Invitation Letter

Personal Invitation Letter

Seminar Invitation Letter

Wedding Invitation Letter

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