Justification Letter Sample

Justification means proving a reason or explanation for certain action or activity. Through justification you can justify your decision or step by interpreting its importance and need. Justification letter is a vital part of written communication because it rescues you to prove importance of some business ventures. Business ventures can be anything such as extension of continuing contract, renewal of contract or investment in any kind of activity. Justification letter is written to justify a request. It is widely used in medical field, where patients will often write to their healthcare providers or their insurance companies where its basic purpose is to request them for coverage of a specific treatment or medicine. Through justification letter patients can describe benefits he/she will receive from usage of treatment or device and how it is essential for their well being.

It doesn’t matter that for which purpose you are writing this letter but you have to consider some simple points in order to write good quality justification letter. For you convenience, here I am writing some simple and useful instructions for drafting a good quality justification letter:

For further assistance I am providing you with justification letter sample for preparation of your own justification letter.

Sample Justification Letter

**** Type it on your letterhead ****

To Whom It May Concern:

[Write name of corporation such as The ABC, Inc.], tactical biomechanical design and unbeatable sturdiness coupled with a 10 Year Guarantee makes the [write product name here] which is the most functionally sound and cost effective available at [write name of place]. This product is most favorable for active long-term crutch users, bariatric clients and for those who need lightweight equipment.

The [write name of product] are made with 100% titanium. We use only flawless aerospace grade titanium tubing which is an optimal choice due to its cold work and stress relieved qualities. This has highest strength in manufacturing of our crutch bodies. [Write name of product] crutches are best because they are able to uphold forces exponentially larger as compare to alternative brands of forearm crutches. This material not only increases the quality of product but also decreases cost by increasing the durability of the device. We prefer this material because it also drastically reduces the risk of severe injury from sudden crutch failure.

We prepare these crutches with exact measurement requirements of each client so anyone can order us to prepare a crutch for him/her according to his/her height. Our crutches are engineered with a uni-body construction so there are no adjustment holes to “egg-out” and fail.  The handle post of crutch is welded directly to the body, eliminating the riveted collar which is another weak link of conventional “one size fits all” crutches. Our design crutches are coupled with titanium material and components listed below, makes ABC crutches bio-mechanically incomparable and exclusively long-lasting, yielding unparalleled longevity.

ABC titanium forearm crutches have the greatest strength to weight ratio of any crutch commercially available because while preparation of crutches we also consider weight bearing ability of crutch. This increases the user’s staying power, overall functional mobility, and decreases the risk of upper extremity overuse syndromes commonly associated with long-term crutch users.



ABC titanium


Item # 2


Item # 3


Item # 4



The ABC titanium forearm crutches are equipped with “patented, replaceable shock-absorbing “Tornado” gel tips and Performance gel handgrips”. Our product is desired with combination of advantageous property of titanium to flex under dynamic loading, its purpose is to create a bio-mechanically superior shock absorbing system. Our designed crutches are greatly helpful to reduce the negative ground impact forces. Another benefit is that it helps to mitigate upper extremity overuse syndromes which are commonly linked with long term crutches users. These injuries are very incapacitating and expensive due to risk of hospitalizations, physical therapy and alternative assistive devices.

Its tip is durable because of filling of gel which is an added advantage for users because it increase it life. This product also has highest wet-slip resistance which results in quick movement, user’s safety, functional independence and overall quality life. It will significantly reduce falls rates on wet smooth surfaces.

ABC titanium forearm crutches are highly cost effective because of ten years guarantee. This guarantee includes [provide details of guarantee such as the entire titanium uni-body construction along with the custom arm-cuff and post assembly against failure under normal use for a ten-year period]. This commitment from The ABC, Inc. prevents gratuitous replacement cost to payers.

It is for all the above reasons that The ABC, Inc. ABC titanium forearm crutches are the most functional and cost effective crutches commercially available.  For additional details or a copy of the certificate of testing, please call 12-256-668-5566 or e-mail The ABC, Inc. at email@example.com

Thank you for taking your time in considering our letter.



The ABC, Inc.

Established in 2000

2530 Hillside Road, Easthampton, PA 5682

Cell: 12-256-668-5566 Fax: 121-455-4589


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