Neighbor Complaint Letter

David Orson

123 Main Street

Anytown, US 5686

July 1st, 2011

William Marshal

456 Main Street


US 12345-6789

Re: Noise Problem

Dear Mr. Doe,

I am David Orson, resident of Anytown and I am writing to complain about my neighbor Mr. Peter so please consider this letter as complaint.

My neighbor always makes noise at day and night by playing heavy metal music. I am very infuriated with it because due to this my studies are disturbed. I several times tried to advise him to lower the volume and keep quiet at night but he never listened to me. In some extreme cases, It is impossible for us to watch TV. I am becoming ill because of high volume as it may affects my ears.

They have a ‘crazy’ dog which is very dangerous. The dog always barks and sometimes it barks at us. I think it is irritating and rude for them to keep a dog without controlling its behavior. I am unable to pay attention on my studies because I have not slept well. I must get up early and go to school early in order to prepare for my lesson.

I wish that my neighbor could care about my feelings and be considerate. Please consider this application on priority basis and take action against my neighbor as soon as possible.

Thanks in anticipation to consider my application.


[Your Signature]

David Orson

CC: Lt. Gerry L. Sheldon, Anytown Sheriff’s Department

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