Payment Reminder Letter

Debt collection is not an easy process because you need to be in constant contacts with debtors in order to collect payments that they are defaulting on. Payment reminder letter provide you a way to communicate with these persons. This letter can rescue you in order to receive your due payments. An accurately drafted payment reminder letter should have polite tone but you can use persistent way for reminding debtors that they are unsettled on their payment and should send money as soon as possible. Payment reminder letter is a valid document which can be used as a proof that concerned person has been informed or his/her misdemeanor on previous occasions and still failed to make the payment. While tailoring payment reminder letter, you should follow format of reminder letter to keep it accurate.

Here I am designing a sample payment reminder letter for your convenience you can use it to design your own payment reminder letter. This letter sample just serves to elucidate all doubts in mind while drafting payment reminder letter.

Sample Payment Reminder Letter

Your Name

Your Organization

Organization’s Address


Name of Addressee

Addressee’s Designation

Address of Addressee

Reference: [Here you will mention the subject of payment reminder letter in brief and concise manner for example, Late Payment Reminder: Invoice # 125987].

Dear Ms. /Mr. (addressee)/ To whomsoever it may concern

Review of our records show that your past payment is due. This letter is a reminder that you have an outstanding payment of [write amount of payment due such as USD 3000], on the [write invoice number such as invoice # 125897] which was sent to you on the [write date here such as 14th of December, 2010]. We are yet to receive this payment from you. We have enclosed another copy of the invoice with this letter for your reference.

I request you to please submit full payment for the overdue amount of USD 3000 by the 31st of June. Please submit this payment promptly. In case the payment is not made on due date, the company will be enforced to take legal action against you to recover the amount due by you.

Our acceptable payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, money order or check. In order to facilitate proper processing you should include your account number.

If you have already sent your amount due to our processing center, then please ignore this notice otherwise please submit it by mail immediately.

We believe that legal action would be absolutely unnecessary and therefore, request you to make the payment as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope that your association with us continues in the future.

Yours sincerely


Your Name

Note: Please disregard this letter in case you have already made this payment.

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