Request Letters

Request letters are written to ask recipient for some action or activity which other is unable to do. Letters is an ideal medium for requesting a favor because it allows its writer to explain his/her view point in best possible manner. It is a best way to maintain privacy of your words between you and reader. Request letters can be of different types such as Promotion Request Letter, Change of Address Request Letter, Scholarship Request Letter etc. Through request letter, you are going to ask for some favor therefore pay particular attention to the format and contents of letter. Accurate format can be first step toward persuasive writing.

While writing request letter you have to take care about following points:

Always keep in mind that tone of your letter should be polite and courteous. Clearly explain your purpose of writing request letter in first paragraph. Try to be clear and concise in writing because reader is a busy person. You have to state it clearly what you are expecting from reader for example if you are writing Community Help Request Letter then clearly state how much voluntary work is appreciated and encouraged.

Remember to provide your contact number and address for reader so that he/she can easily contact you in case of any clarification or doubts. You should say thanks to reader in anticipation for his/her time and efforts he/she has spared to consider your request but don’t try to thank the person in advance for what you have requested from him/her. It can be arrogant and can put an effect to reader that you are not giving him/her choice to deny your request. It also seems that you don’t want to write once again if the request is granted and it can also leave a negative effect on reader. You should write thank you letter after acceptance of request.

In order to assist you in your letter writing, I am providing you with sample request letters on varieties of topics. These letters are free from any cost so you can use these letters as guidance. I have tried my level best to design these letters on specific format of request letter so you can consult them without any doubt or hesitation.

Job Promotion Request Letter

Charity Funds Request Letter

Transcript Request Letter

Scholarship request letter

Interview Request Letter

Cheque Book Request Letter

Request Letter for Experience Certificate

Sample Maternity Leave Request Letter

Sample Loan Request Letter

Request for Quote Letter

I hope these letters will assist you in your letter writing. Please feel free to send us your feedback so that we can make this website up to your desires.