Response Letter Sample

Letters are inevitable part of business fraternity. In recent times these letters are used in both handwritten and typed forms. Although typed letters create nice effect on reader but it can’t compete with feel and personal touch of handwritten letter. Response letter is one of vital communication letters and necessary to write in any organization. In previous days these letters were written by hand but now it is mostly sent by email. Despite the importance of typed letters handwritten letter has its own personal touch because no other way can contest the feel and personal touch of handwritten letters. If we talk about response letters then it has been written for several purposes such as:

Basically response letter is a response or reply of any query, complaint or may be for an appreciation. The tone of response letter is much important because it tells a lot about company as well as writer of response letter. If you feel some problem in drafting response letter don’t worry because response letter samples are designed for your help only. These letters are designed on formal pattern of response letter therefore you can easily use them. Here I am providing a response letter sample for your convenience so that you can easily draft your response letter whenever you want.

Response Letter Sample

***Types this letter on your company’s letterhead***


Recipient Name
Designation of Recipient
Name of Corporation
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Write name of Recipient:

This is in response to your letter of [mention date here], regarding the [mention the subject of letter].  I have reviewed the anticipated layout, and determined the [write nature of loss] and cost of various [write name of product here such as intake-penstock system] alternatives.

My calculations on the [write name of product here], assuming a [you may write here specification of problem such as 250 cfs total design discharge, 75 percent plant efficiency, and $5000/kW value of power], indicate that a (__ ft.) diameter penstock above the bifurcation, and a (__ ft.) diameter for the penstocks below the divergence would be the most cost effective.  My estimated construction cost for the [write name of product] included the costs of [mention details of different costs]. The total estimated construction cost is [write total cost here $________].  The head losses of this system up to the powerhouse are estimated to be [______ ft.] at the 250 cfs design discharge for each turbine.

I have attached my calculations and tables for your review.  Please call at [write your number here] if you have any questions or require further information.


Your Name
Your Designation
Name of Organization
Name of Documents Enclosed

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