Sample Appeal Letter

Appeal means request to perform a specific action relevant to change in decision, financial support, employment appeal etc. Appeal letter is an official and accurate way to file an appeal. Appeal letter is written for several purposes such as to request an aid, to change decision, to get employment, to get scholarship etc. Appeal letter should be clear, concise and well formatted. Appeal letters are frequently used to appeal in court for review of previous decision. Appeal letter should have solid reason which will prompt someone to review his/her past action. Your letter should have logical reasons because through this letter you are going to challenge someone’s analytical skills. Written appeal is one of the best ways to show your view point about specific matter. You have to keep tone of your letter polite because your harsh tone or funny statements can create problems for yourself.

In order to assist your letter writing, I am providing here sample appeal letter so that you can easily draft your own letter but remember that this letter is for your assistance, you can take an idea about format of appeal letter. Don’t completely rely on it because you have to draft your letter according to your subject.

Sample Appeal Letter

[Your Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Your Phone Number]

[Date of Letter Writing]

[Name of Institution]

[Address of Institution or concern person]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Subject: [ACADEMIC APPEAL SAMPLE LETTER (Difficulty Completing Courses)]

Dear Office of Student Financial Assistance:

I am appealing for the deferment of my funding and loan because it seems that I can’t complete two courses. For your information, I want to tell you that I started to take classes in Fall Semester after two years of discontinuity of my studies. During this period, I was totally cut off from school. I soon realized that continuity of education and school join after break of two years is not an easy task. It was much more difficult than my thoughts. Unfortunately I am facing too much problems in learning especially I felt too embarrassment to ask my English teacher for help. I also registered for a computer based math class but again I want to say it is too difficult for me and I realized that I should have registered for a regular class with more teacher and peer contact.

If you would restore my financial aid, I would certainly take a lighter load of classes as well as seek help right away when needed. I really want to get my college degree. I can’t afford college on my own because I have lack of financial resources. I hope that you will restore my aid.

I look forward toward your positive response. Thank you in anticipation for taking your valuable time in considering my appeal.

Thank you once again.


Student Name

Student Signature

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