Sample Eviction Letter

Getting an honest tenant is a matter of luck because your property gets into tenant’s possession for long period of time and a good tenant can care your property just like you. Sometime due to unfeasible situations it is necessary for landlord to evict tenant form his/her property. It can be due to several reasons such as tenant may fail to pay rent of your property or he/she is violating terms of agreement etc. In this case you have to evict your tenant from your house through a legal procedure which initiates through eviction letter. Eviction letter provide you legal support for execution of your desired action. Eviction letter can safeguard your rights therefore before writing eviction notice you should consider below mentioned instructions:

For your convenience I am providing here sample eviction letter to remove any confusions in case you want to tailor it by you. You can also consult this letter as an information purpose because even if you are acquiring services of a lawyer to draft your eviction letter then you should aware of its format and necessary contents.

Sample Eviction Letter


The following letter is provided for informational purposes only and is intended to be used as a guide prior to consultation with an attorney familiar with your specific legal situation. We are not engaged in rendering legal advice, and this letter is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require legal advice, you should seek the services of an attorney.


[Landlord’s Name]


[Tenant’s Name]

[Address of property in which tenant resides]

Subject: [Here you will write the subject of letter such as Letter to Pay Rent otherwise Evict the property.]

You are hereby requested to vacant aforesaid within 15 days of this letter because despite of regular reminders you are continuously delaying your rent. PLEASE CONSIDER that the rent is past due on said premises at [write address of premises] which you currently hold and occupy. Your rental account is delinquent in the amount itemized as follows:

Rental period: [Write rental period here] Rent due: $ [Write amount due here]

Rental period: [Write rental period here] Rent due: $ [Write amount due here]

Rental period: [Write rental period here] Rent due: $ [Write amount due here]

Total rent due: $[Write amount of total rent due here]

Less partial payment of: $ [Here you will write partial payment if any]

Total balance due: $ [Write total balance over due here]

In accordance to written lease dated [write date here], you are hereby required to pay said rent on said premises or you are hereby required to deliver up possession of the premises, within [write number of days here] days after service on you of this notice. In case of no execution of notice undersigned reserve rights of legal proceedings against you, to declare a forfeiture of the lease under which you occupy said premises and to recover possession thereof, including rents and damages.

The undersigned [type either does or does not] elect to terminate the lease if the rent is not paid within [write number of days here] days.


[Street Address and Apartment Number of said property]

[City, ST ZIP Code]

[If necessary, type the legal description of the premises, or delete this field]

[Landlord’s Name], Landlord

[Signature of Landlord]

[Landlord’s Street Address]

[City, ST  ZIP Code]

[Phone number]

[Cell phone number]

[E-mail address]

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