Sample Get Well Letter

Several researchers and studies have shown that better attitude and wellness have direct link because continues stress can make you ill and positive emotions including faith, humor, happiness can make you well in short period of time. That is the reason that get well soon letters and cards have magical effects on health of patients. Sending get well letter is a social custom to show your sympathy and best wishes to those who are suffering with prolonged or serious illness or been hospitalized, recovered from illness or accident etc. Sending a get well soon card is a traditional way to show your feeling to someone but you can also attach a get well letter along it as it can add up a more personal touch. Letter can provide you with a chance to share your feelings and happy as well as funny moments so that your statement can bring a smile on the face of patient.

Today I will discuss some guidelines which you should consider while writing get well letter:

Sample Get Well Letter


Dear [write name of patient here],

It was sad to listen about your severe illness and absence from work. The whole staff members are missing you so much. I am writing this letter with a hope that this will cheer up you and make you feel better.

Whole team is terribly missing you because they said there is not fun or liveliness in anything without you. An [write name of disease here] is not fun, but I know you are relieved that the doctors have ruled out treatment even for a severe illness.

Here you can add an additional paragraph to share your joyful experiences you have spent with patient.

I suppose you will have to give up hot peppers and chili and I know that it is not easy for you but this is better for your health and stay you out of the doctor’s office.

I’m glad that you are home from the hospital and doing better.

Get well soon, so you can come and see us again.

With Love,

Your Name

Your Signature

Your Address


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