Sample Layoff Letter

Inefficient and irresponsible employees bear several dismissal warnings at work place because employer needs your 100%. This warning is to warned employee that if he/she doesn’t improve his/her work, he/she will be surely terminated. Employees who neglect these warnings they may have to face employment termination. In this regard a letter is issued to employee called layoff letter. Layoff letter is a type of termination letter and you should be careful while writing layoff letter because a poorly written layoff letters can lead your organization towards a legal action. Selection of right tone and words can save you from tensions and lawsuit risks. While writing layoff letter you should consider sensitivity of layoff letter and state solid and logical reasons to save your organization. Any misleading and inaccuracy can create great problems for you therefore before writing layoff letter you should consult someone professional personnel or your lawyer.

You can also consult sample layoff letter available online but it is another problem to find out accurate sample layoff letter. Don’t worry I am here because I want to save you from any problem therefore I am providing you here with sample layoff letter which is free of cost. You can consult it before writing you layoff letter because it is designed on proper format.

Sample Layoff Letter

***Type this letter on letterhead of your company***


[Recipient’s Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name]:

As has been discussed with you previously, your position of [write designation here] with [state name of organization here] will be eliminated on [write date here].  As a result you will receive the following:

Here you will mention the benefits you are offering to this employee. I am providing here with a sample list but you can alter this list up to your needs:

(In this paragraph you can include details of unemployment compensation fund in case if the parish/organization has been paying it.) You are eligible to apply for unemployment compensation benefits through the [write name of office here such as Office of Employment Security].  All decisions regarding eligibility for benefits are made by that office.

Verification of Employment

Verification of employment letter is included with this letter to verify your period of employment with in this organization. All verification employment requests will be directed to the office.


In this paragraph you can include details of returnable items such as “on your last day of work, [write date here], please be sure to return your keys and any other items belonging to the organization.

If you have any question regarding any matter, feel free to contact me at [write your contacnt number here].


[Your Name]

[Your Signature]

Verification of Employment Letter

(Preferably, this letter should be prepared on official letterhead)

To Whom It May Concern:

[Name of organization] was employed with [Name of Parish/ Organization] as a [Name of Position].  His/her dates of employment were from [Date] until [Date].


Your Name

Your Signature


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