Sample Resolution Letter

Resolution letter contains specific formatted information and is read at a funeral therefore it is said that it is a rite of passage. Resolution is officially documented by church and family of deceased person. It is a way to tribute the life of deceased person. Resolution letter is a formal document and is kept in the church archives. It is designed on a specific format therefore original document is stored into church archives and a copy is given to the family of deceased person. Resolution letter is also written to reflect different aspects of someone’s character. This letter is also issued by some investigating authority. It is a formal document which is used to votes on decision made by authorized person of any profit or non-profit organization.

Format of resolution remains always same it doesn’t matter for what purpose you are writing resolution letter. Contents of resolution letters depend on your need but you can follow format of sample resolution letter to give a professional look to your letter. Here I am sharing a sample resolution letter with you; feel free to use it while writing your own resolution letter.

Sample Resolution Letter

Rev. _______


First & Last Name

Address 1

Address 2

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Title, last Name:

I am writing to let you know that we have completed our investigation into your [write nature of complaint such as privacy complaint]. In summary, you stated that a [write name of organization] employee incongruously disclosed your daughter’s medical information to other patients in the waiting room while discussing her case with an associate to set her up for her appointment with the provider.

[Write name of organization here] takes patient privacy very seriously therefore we have taken serious actions against this employee. This revelation was not reliable with our privacy practices, and we are regretted that it occurred. Due to Human Resources privacy precincts, I am unable to share the specific outcome of the inquiry or any sanctions imposed. However, please know that we do have policies and procedures in place that allow for appropriate and consistent sanctioning of employees for breaches of patient privacy and confidentiality.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I hope it has been addressed to your satisfaction.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

Your Designation

Your Signature

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