Sample Reunion Letter

Reunion is gathering of people from different places such as co-workers, lovers, husband and wife. It may be a get together of relatives living far away places. For this purpose a kind of get together or event is organized to gather people at one place. People send letters or invitation cards to invite people on reunion events. Reunion letter is a best way to call far away relatives or friends. Reunion may be of official personnel or friends and relatives therefore letter writing may also vary in each case. If you are writing reunion letter to invite someone to an event then you can include date, day, theme of reunion etc. You can also write reunion letter to your old friends to whom you want to meet with them.

If you have any difficulty in writing reunion letter, you can consult sample reunion letter provided below for your convenience.

Sample Reunion Letter


[Name of Recipient],

Hi I am [write your name] from [write your location here]. We spent a lot of time together at university and it is almost [write number of years here] that we didn’t meet. It is a fact that time has flown by quickly. It seems like few years ago we were in campus [write campus name here]. I completely remember our first day at campus when in the yard of campus we met first time and develop life-long relationships. Our mutual experiences mold our personalities and enable us to be prepared for future life. I still have some sweet and unforgettable memories in my mind such as dances in [write name of gym], Shows in the Pit, brewery tours and 6:00 p.m. classes during the spring and autumn. These lovely and useful experiences had developed a special bond between classmates and professors.

I am writing to inform that we all have an opportunity to celebrate this unique experience on our 20th Reunion. Please consider this letter as an invitation and also participate in the planning and organization of our reunion. Homecoming is [write date here]. We would like to schedule a full weekend of activities beginning either on [write date, day and time here]. It is not our final decision because we are waiting for feedback of our friends and class fellows. Our final decision will be based on the feedback received from class members. We would also like to ask preferred email address of all class members so that we can cut down correspondence cost.

Basic purpose of my writing is to ensure presence of my all friends and classmates on this reunion. I hope several other people also join us in planning and preparation of reunion. I am requested you to please forward notification of your interest or suggestion to one of the following contacts:


Please take your time to review and critique the proposed schedule of activities. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Sincerely,

[Your Name]

Your Signatures


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