Termination Letter Sample

Termination means end of time duration of business deal or contract. Contract may be of any kind such as employment contract, sales contract, services contract etc.  Termination letter is frequently used in human resource department of all organization for termination of employees due to several reasons such as for poor performance or at the end of employment period. Human resource manager of any organization needs to write several termination letters. It is one of the most difficult parts of his/her job. Firing an employee is a delicate process and termination letter is an essential part of this complex process. Termination letter is a final decision of employee’s fate. It is itself a legal document and you should preserve it in your record because if fired employee files a lawsuit or grievance for wrongful termination you can use it in your defense. In order to safeguard yourself and your organization, you have to draft termination letter carefully. Avoid any kind of false blames in the contents of termination letter.

You have to mention a solid reason of termination as well as try to compensate employee as much as possible. While writing termination letter, keep one golden principle in your mind that brevity is the best policy. Too long explanation in termination letter looks awkward and legal authorities can use them against you in case of legal process. I want to save you from these problem therefore I am providing here termination letter sample for your convenience. You can consult it before designing your own termination letter.

Termination Letter Sample

[Company letterhead information]


Personal & Confidential

[Employee Name]

[Street Address]

[City State Zip Code]

Dear [Write Employee Name]:

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that your employment with this company is terminated effective immediately. You are required to return all materials in your possession related to company such as employee card, uniform, badges, equipment, real property and other unnamed things you have in your possession. Your failure to do all this would be a prima facie for intentional, improper and actionable business interference.

Your termination comes during the six month probationary period of your employment. There is no signed legal agreement between you and company. You were not offered an employment contract from the beginning of your job and during employment at [write name of company] no employment contract was offered nor did you seek one.  Your employment at [write name of company] is governed solely and exclusively under title [write name of title] of [write name of state].

Under [write name of country] law, no employment contract exists all over the country. An employee can quit at any time for any reason. Importantly, employer may also terminate an employee at any time for any legal reason.

[Here you can give an extra paragraph, stating termination law of your organization and state as well as reason of termination and different circumstances relating your company rules and state law.]

After careful review of your employment history, detailed notes and entries recorded by supervisor, [write name of company] determine that your termination is necessary due to cause of gross misconduct. Your file record shows that your termination directly and solely is the result of specific and consistent pattern of misconduct. Some examples of your misconduct at workplace are:

Due to above mention and several other reasons it is not possible for us to keep you within this organization. As per suggestions of other concerned persons and your supervisor you are terminated from employment from [write date here]. [You can mention here some rules and regulations of your organizations as well as terminated rights. Also describe rights of terminated employee regarded this termination.]

Thanks and Regards,

Company Officer Name

Company Name

CC:       Employees file

Division of Unemployment Compensation

Counsel of Officer Name

Counsel of Company Name


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