Thank You Letters

Thank you letter is written to express you gratitude or appreciation to another person. Thank you letters are of two main types such as business thank you letters and personal thank you letters. Acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude are the basic essence of thank you letters. A thank you letter conveys to every giver that their gesticulation has not gone unnoticed. Timing is an important factor in writing thank you letter so make sure to pen down you letter as soon as possible after thank you is due. It is much better to send handwritten thank you letters but if it is not possible then try to use personalized stationary or write one or two handwritten lines at the end.

Types of Thank You Letter

Business Thank You Letter

During day-to-day business, there are several situations that warrant a thank you letter. Some typical situations include:

Personal Thank You Letter

Just like business there are also several situations in everyday of life that warrant a formal thank you letter. For example, some typical personal thank you letter situations include:

Format of Thank You Letter

A thank you letter should be written just like standard business letter or personal letter. Its length should not normally exceed one page. Personal thank you letters can be hand-written in case if the addressee is your friend, acquaintance or relative. Thank you letters are also occasionally referred to as gratitude letters and these types of thank you letters are usually written as formal business letters.

Here I am giving combination of business and personal thank you letters. You can consult these letters before writing your own thank you letter.

Business Thank You Letter

Interview Thank You Letter

Relationship with Clients Letter

Thank you Sales Letter

Thank you letter for Gift

Letter of Thanks for Support

Thank You Letter for Hard Work

Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

Invitation Acceptance Thank you letter

Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company

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